The Challenge

Not Enough Vegetables in Our Diets

The US and other countries face a crisis of obesity, diabetes and health costs. Today, the USDA recommends eating at least three servings of vegetables [and two servings of fruit] per day for a healthy diet, making it “half your plate”. The reasons why consumers do not eat enough vegetables are Taste, Affordability and Convenience.*


Not only do 80% of consumers not eat the three recommended servings and 79% agree that they should add more servings to their diet, according to studies of American households.*
*(source: online study of 512 respondents nationwide)

But also they do not eat enough vegetables away from home and on the go. Original quick service restaurant menus were not designed to deliver servings of vegetables. To date, vegetable offering initiatives superimposed onto the existing menus have not been widely accepted by consumers. Deeply ingrained consumer habits and the installed supply and making chain have been difficult to adapt.