Our Solution

Natureʼs Serving was founded to use the best food industry innovation and science, and the enormous installed capacity in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, food service and retail to deliver servings of healthy vegetables in a tasty, affordable and convenient way. So we developed a line of tasty, affordable and convenient products made of vegetables; products that people like to eat at home, away from home or on the go.


Our products were developed by a leading commercial food lab on the Cornell business campus using the best and latest food technology. The manufacturing feasibility and costing study has been done, samples have been produced as well as tested successfully. The manufacturing equipment required for the product is also available. The patent has been applied for, packaging has been designed, the brand and logo have been trademarked.


Each portion provides a whole serving of selected vegetables. Our products are easy to serve, easy to shop, easy to store, and have a long shelf life with no waste. They are also easy for stores and restaurants to distribute and to merchandise and are an innovative, unique new category for the Trade.


Nature’s Serving makes vegetables designed to be loved by consumers. Our products have been well received by both adults and children in consumer tests. Their flavor profiles complement the taste of the most popular foods in America. Weʼve found that consumers liked a tasty convenience food that was made of vegetables.


Using the same (patent applied for) base technology we have developed two product types, with different flavor executions of each type. The Natureʼs Serving meal product complements the most popular American dishes such as hamburgers, while the snack product makes vegetables convenient anywhere, anytime!




Each delicious portion of Natureʼs Serving products contains an entire serving of vegetables. It does NOT contain gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, nuts or other major allergens. It also does not contain potatoes. Natureʼs Serving products are a good source of fiber and vitamins. They are low in fat, low in sodium, low in sugar, and Kosher.


Nature’s Serving products are not only good for you, but also are good for the environment.


Less waste: A longer shelf life than perishable vegetables now in the market
Less water consumption: Less irrigation, no washing at home
Less fuel consumption: No need for special transportation from farm to market
Less dependent: on crop seasons
Less perishable: Easy to store in stores, restaurants and at home


The Potential Distribution Channels for Natureʼs Serving products include retail, convenience, quick service restaurants and online resources including companies such as:




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