Elevator Pitch

Nature’s Serving is nature made tastier. Our all-vegetable products are vegetables for people who don’t like vegetables or just don’t eat enough (including many children) – a giant consumer base in the US and worldwide. More consumers believe that they need to add vegetables to their diets than any other food, including protein! We used consumer research and food science to make innovative, delicious meal and snack items making vegetables Tasty, Affordable, Convenient and Appealing.

Nature’s Serving products contain no soy, gluten, dairy or other allergens, are not wheat, corn or potato based, and are also suitable for Kosher and vegan diets. No cholesterol, low levels of sodium and fat, but a full, tasty, serving of vegetables, a good source of fiber and of many vitamins. (Patent Pending). To keep our products as natural as possible we use gently prepared, natural ingredients and much lower cooking temperatures than whole wheat bread, for example.

79% of consumers agree that they need to add more vegetables to their diet and in quantitative research, more than 80% of US moms said that they would buy our products often. We solve a real health problem for the general population, through mass market retail channel distribution, quick service restaurants, schools and other institutions.

Nature’s Serving products are a huge advance in food sustainability, created to improve nutrition and also to protect nature through less waste, less irrigation, no need for washing at home, lower fuel consumption for transport, less dependence on crop seasons and easier storage at retail and in restaurants and homes.

The management team is a well-known successful partnership with 40+ years combined experience in the world’s top food marketers and in a previous successful startup. Jairo Senise, MBA, (Pillsbury, General Mills, GRUMA) is an internationally recognized multi-billion $ food CEO, while Christopher Plummer, MBA, (Procter & Gamble, Pepsi), is a visionary innovator and marketer.

The US food market is $1.3 trillion annually, and an extra daily serving of vegetables per adult person is a $30 billion market! Nature’s Serving is an opportunity for strategic partners and investors looking for growth in the huge food market through very innovative, healthy and ethical products.